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Joy Center Children's Home

Joy Center 
Children's Home



-  To give orphans, street and vulnerable children a home.

-  To create a safe, loving and nurturing environment for these children.

-  To give them a healthy diet and a good education.

-  To release them back into the community as healthy, educated and well-adjusted adults so they can play their part in the future of our nation.


To transform and empower orphans, destitute and vulnerable children through provision of Christian teaching, housing, care, support and education.


We believe that all children have the intrinsic value and deserve to be nurtured, loved and protected. They are entitled to have caring adults who help them develop to their full potential.

Together we have an opportunity to contribute to our children’s future, be part of an enduring effort that promotes safety and the well being of our children, providing them with the necessities of life and welcoming, safe environment.