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The following is a list of the children that are already being sponsored:

                         Emmanuel Kipruto
Update 2013, Emmanuel is twelve this year old. He has grown into a fine young man. He has a gentle, loving and protective spirit. He is always offering to help somewhere. He is a very good artist.
Arrived November 2007, Emmanuel his both parents died of HIV/AIDS, he was living with his aunt. He was beaten and tortured by his aunt and rescued by neighbors. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated for burns, cuts and bruises. The aunt was jailed for child abuse. The court has given me permanent custody of Emmanuel was approximately 5 years old when he arrived but very small for his age. We thought he was much younger is why we took him. We only take kids under 5, unless they have siblings. God knew what he was doing when he sent him here; he is covered with scars head to toe, from many beatings. He now enjoys a life without beatings and is working hard in Joy Center School. He also enjoyed his second pair of shoes! Although he has had some social issues, he is now interacting very well with other children in Joy Center and especially likes making other children babies laugh. He has also found his SMILE!  He is loved and sponsored by RayandLeigh Anne Magee:

                  George Karani
George Karani, 4yrs. His father is not known and the mother was found dead. George was just there thinking his mother is alive. I took him from the police station and brought him to Joy Center. He is being sponsored by Pina Aindera and Jeyster Aindera.