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Orphanage Sustainability Projects

Children are the most vulnerable part of society and victimized by the problems of famine, drought, poverty and disease. The rapid spread of AIDS has claimed the lives of many. Among them are young parents who die leaving their children orphaned and infected. AIDS has already orphaned 800,000 kids. The need is overwhelming but our cooperative efforts will rescue many.  Please, join us to make a difference to shattered lives of helpless children. All Our Children will work to instill hope to these children. The children need to be supported until such time that they become self-reliant. Through the orphanage sustainability Project we can make the orphanage self-sustaining, enabling it to care for the orphans consistently and in turn enabling its services to reach more orphans.

In addition, the income-generating projects will give the orphans the life skills needed to improve not only their quality of life but also make them self-reliant.

The Objectives of the Project

To implement an irrigation system that enables the orphanage to be self-sustaining allowing for income-generating projects.

The Goal of the Project

To implement an irrigation system to sustain a dairy farm, a poultry farm and vegetable garden and make the orphanage self-sustaining.

Project Strategies for Sustainability:

A. Implement income-generating dairy farm

  1. We require a barn with a capacity for 6 cows and 10 calves.
  2. We want to be able to provide milk & other dairy products for consumption at the orphanage to eliminate the costs.
  3. We hope to have surplus milk that we can sell to the community.

B. Implement Poultry farm

  1. Produce chicken and eggs for the use of the orphanage
  2. Sell surplus produce to the community

C. Implement a vegetable garden

  1. Plants for cow fodder of alfalfa, elephant grass, legume plants are planted
  2. We also need to grow fruit plants e.g papaya, mango, avocado, banana, guava, etc
  3. Set up a vegetable garden to produce needed vegetables to the orphanage
  4. Sell surplus vegetables to the community
  5. Use income to support the various activities of the orphanage

Irrigation Project

We need 10 acres of land for farming.  During the rainy season April-September, the land will produce corn and beans.  After the harvest, the land can be used to plant French peas and cabbages.  We would need to implement an irrigation system to make the vegetable viable.

Such an irrigation system besides producing vegetables, it will strengthen the dairy farm to be more profitable.  The poultry farm and the fishpond will also benefit from the produce like alfalfa.



Here is a word from the Director

Help to buy Land for Joy Center

This is the farm we have found and the owner wants to sell it to us at $13, 000 per acre. It is a 15 acre land. We need $195, 000. On the land we can grow food, start a poultry project and rear cattle for milk. This will generate income for Joy Center and also feed the children.