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Boarding fees..

We thank God that through your support, we were able to pay for day school fees. The challenge we are having is that the children have to trek for 14km to get to school in the morning. They have to wake up at 4.00am in the morning so as to arrive in school by 6.30am which is very risky to their lives. They were attacked recently by unknown people and some were hurt. Believe with us that the Lord will supply us with a 25 seater motor vehicle to be ferrying them to school. We need a minibus that costs $40, 000.

In Kenya, the first school term (Jan-Mar) is over. The children have an April break,with some tutoring classes and a spiritual renewal time before the second 3 month term begins in May.

In November of 2012, sixteen Joy Center Academy children will write their big Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) 3 day set of exams at the end of grade (standard) 8. These exams determine which Secondary schools a student qualifies for: District, Provincial or National. This will be our first class to “graduate” from Gr. 8 to High School.

Each child at Joy Center a sponsor paying $50 per month. Please give us any leads to new sponsors as God brings someone to mind. We need more sponsors. The children from ECD to grade eight need books, pens, pencils and chalks.

Most of the staff at Joy Center Academy work on voluntary basic. Only four teachers are employed. We are hoping to start paying them soon as the Lord bring in help. They work in the following areas: administration, Social work, Spiritual/counseling, cooks,  matrons, maintenance/farm manager, farm workers, sanitation, guards, teachers, tailoring teacher.

We require 80 lockers for Primary School pupils. One locker costs $60. Our highest expense is food and basic needs for the children.


These children live by faith believing that our heavenly father will provide.

The following are the immediate needs for Joy Center Academy:

  • 80 lockers for Primary School pupils
  • 10 Desktop Computers for Computer lessons
  • 1 Photocopy Machine
  • 2 Laser jet Printers
  • Pairs of Uniforms
  • Books for Library
  • 100 Bibles (King James Version)
  • Six Blackboards
  • Projector Machines
  • Games equipments