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Joy Center Children's Home

Joy Center 
Children's Home


Joy Center Children's Home

Joy Center Children's Home is a non-profit charity organization created for the purpose of assisting AIDS orphans, street kids and Vulnerable Children. It is funded totally by donations of caring individuals and churches. It is affiliated to Sara Gibson Ministries, USA. We believe for more Partners to support Joy Center.

We are located in Millimani Estate in Kitale Town. Kitale is in the Western Province of Kenya. In addition to the orphanage we also have Joy Academy. The Lord gave me a burden to stand by the hurting, the helpless, the lonely and the lost; with a commission to bring these children hope, honor, beauty and productivity.

Our mission is to demonstrate to the world that there is a personal God who hears and answers prayer by meeting the needs of orphaned and abandoned children. We focus on those whose situation is most desperate: children with no relatives or friends to take care of them. Through the love, prayers and support of Sara Gibson we have made a difference in the lives of these children, giving them hope for an otherwise bleak future and the opportunity to reach their potential.

Board of Directors

1. Rev. Sara Gibson

One of the greatest honors we have is working with Sara Gibson. Years ago while in Africa ministering, she met with Pastor Robert, taking care of over a hundred orphans. He was in Kipsongo, a slum area near Kitale, that has the reputation for being one of the poorest places in all of Africa. They were in a dirt wall building, with no running water and no electricity. That is when she became "Mama Sara" to the children.
It is our vision along with Rev. Sara Gibson to be able to purchase a facility and a 15 acre land for farming to produce income for the orphanage. Rev.  Sara Gibson supports us in paying monthly rent. She connects us with potential donors.

2. Robert Mukarani Simiti

Pastor Robert oversees and manages Joy Center Children's Home. He directs the running of all the activities at the center.