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Joy Center Orphanage is believing God to acquire a facility and land. We are asking you to praying with for the supply. For more information, see below.



Project Title: Establishing an orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)


 Project implementer: Joy Center Orphanage










    P. O. Box 4542-30200 Kitale


Mobile: +254 721 735319


 Email: [email protected]


Project Land

Joy Center hopes to break the cycle of poverty by providing a holistic development to the impoverished orphans and communities in Kitale. Interventions that address the physical, educational, spiritual and social needs of orphans will be in line with the organization’s objectives.

We have already identified a land and have negotiated with the owner. It is 5 miles from the city. The owner is selling it to us at $30, 000 per acre. It is a 10 acre land, so that makes it $300, 000. Believe God with Joy Center for the supply.

By taking the children off the streets, those that were abandoned after their parents passed away and giving them the love, care and an environment to achieve excellence, a significant impact will be realized. By raising these children with the Joy’s proposed elevated standards and expectations, they become the top segment of the society.

The principle strategy to be embraced by Joy center in this project is threefold:

a) Sponsoring Children – by providing education and placing children with foster families through a multitude of services         and support for the foster family and the sponsored child. These include: Quality education, School uniforms, Shoes &         clothes, Medical care, Supplemental food support and financial support

b) Partnering with Local Churches and Community Leaders – by encouraging regular visits to the center to support the           OVCs through prayer, encouragement and material donations.

c) Impacting the Community – through community programs benefiting people of all ages. The center will provide                  employment opportunities and church services for the neighboring community. They will also establish a farm within          the land purchased to plant staple foods e.g. maize, horticultural products and dairy to satisfy the nutritional needs of          the orphans. The excess will be sold to the community and the income will be used to meet some of the operational            costs of running the center.

Joy center will host teams who serve the center in different capacities including the sponsorship. We believe that these strategies will be help the center achieve the overall goal of equipping the orphan and vulnerable children live productive and responsible lives.

Help Joy Center move from a rented facility to it's own.....


Joy center in partnership with  Sara Gibson Ministry, her friends , the local churches and the community plans to purchase  a facility and 10 acres of land and establish a fully-fledged orphanage center within the neighborhood of Kitale. This will help equip children to live productive and responsible lives. It will also help reduce pressure on the already overstretched rented facility in Milimani Estate. Below is an architect's proposed building plan. The construction cost for all the buildings is $450, 000. We need to construct 7 buildings, each one to cost $64, 000. 

The facility we want to buy will accommodate over 150 orphaned, abandoned and abused children while offering other programs and services to the community.

Joy center shares the general belief that poverty in childhood is a root cause of poverty in adulthood. Impoverished children often grow up to be impoverished parents who in turn bring up their own children in poverty. In order to break the generational cycle, Joy center strategy on poverty reduction must begin with children.



We are running Joy Center in a rented facility housing 107 children. Rev. Sara Gibson and her friends are helping us pay rent, school fees for the children in secondary and in primary school, basic necessities, water and medication.


Schools reopened two weeks ago. Children have been going to school then sent back home due to school fees and school supplies. Every pupil is required to pay school fees. Please pray with us that these children will get funds to cater for their school supplies. We have spoken to the school management to give us more time as we continue trusting God to supply funds.

The following is the budget for school needs:

School fees

Thank you for praying with us and believing God for school fees for High School students and uniforms  We have received $1, 000 for school fees. The balance is $5, 000. Believe God with us for the supply of school fees and uniforms.

School uniforms/School bag 

We need a total of $2, 405 for all the 37 students. Here in Kenya students have to go to school in full school uniforms, two sweaters, two shirts and two pairs of school shoes plus a bag. 

We thank The Sara Gibson Ministry and Leigh's family for enabling us pay the high school fees, buy uniforms, shoes, school supplies, pay the rent, water and electricity bills. This coming year 2018, 16 children have joined High School, making it a total of 50 students in High School. 4 of them will be sponsored by Equity bank, 4 by Kenya Commercial Bank and 5 have already finished high school this year. The current high school children are 37. We need $6, 000 for the first term fees. 



Joy center hopes to achieve this through the following activities:


  1. By setting up a children’s home/orphanage, for boarding students and short-term child care of children in transition from the street to long-term foster care.
  2. By providing multiple activities and outreaches for children, open daily and offering continuing education and special activities for children.


We strongly believe that God is making a way for the vulnerable children to experience hope at Joy center. You can be a part of that miracle through your generous contributions!


Background-Joy Center orphanage


Joy Center orphanage was founded in 2001 as non-profit community based organization in Transzoia County, Kenya. It was started by a team of dedicated persons with the aim of helping the vulnerable children many of who are affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. The center is currently based in Milimani estate, 6 kilometers from Kitale town.


Joy’s mission is to mobilize resources for addressing the challenges facing orphans and vulnerable children to enable them realize their full potential through promotion of programs e.g. education, health care, recreational skills, social security and moral support.



Joy’s vision is to be the leading provider of physical, mental and spiritual needs to both orphans and the vulnerable to enable them live productive and responsible lives in the Transnzoia County and beyond.



In Transnzoia County like any other areas of the world, there is growing number of orphaned and homeless children caused by HIV/AIDS and other illnesses. In addition to this, the constant political instabilities in south Sudan for example has led to some of the children being abandoned with no way of tracing their family members.



Joy center orphanage, which currently provides about 107 children with safe, stable home, education and support throughout their childhood, is not intended to be a permanent residency for children. However, a family within our center is a healthier choice to raise a child because they will receive the individual attention they need.


Due to the limited resources, the center has been forced to seek out for services with the neighboring public schools and churches with the objective of providing education and spiritual nourishment for their children. Securing funding for the center will be a major step in centralizing most of her activities and help in addressing has been challenge.

Problem statement


It is estimated that, the number of orphans in Kenya is slightly over 2.4 million with 48% of them being as a result of HIV/AIDS. This figure is besides a higher number of children rendered vulnerable by poverty, emergencies, insecurity, amidst other factors. The Kenyan government in partnership with other stakeholders have come up with several interventions to address the problem of orphans and the vulnerable children (OVC) but this has remained inadequate in the face of the increasing number of OVCs.

Children affected by HIV/AIDS are vulnerable long before their parents die. Girls, in particular, assume caring responsibilities for their ailing parents besides parenting for their siblings. With the weakening extended family systems in our society, most children find themselves without proper social support with the incapacitation and death of their parents. This would deny the OVC a chance to access their basic needs such as proper health care, education shelter and nutrition. Orphans suffer stigma, stress and trauma in addition to the loss of parental love, care and protection and more often, they are disinherited.


Yet children occupy a unique and privileged position in the African society. For the full harmony and development of their personality, the child should grow up in a family environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love, guidance and understanding. From a child’s physical and mental development, they require care in regard to physical, mental, moral and social development.


Joy Center is a strong partner of this initiative. We provide support to these children by extending Christ’s love through safe, shelter, education, nutritious meals, and medical care in their orphanage here in Kitale. Through this noble venture, hundreds of families have grown and still growing through our foster program.

Objectives of the Project

Joy center hopes to achieve the following objectives through this project:


a)       Purchase a facility that sits on a ten acre land for the homeless, distressed and HIV/AIDS orphans


b)      Provide immediate needs and other timely needs for orphans e.g. food, clothing, shelter and elementary education


c)       Train OVCs on self-reliance skills such as crafts, arts and tailoring that will be available at the center to help them live productive and successful lives post foster care

d)      Nurture sick and malnourished OVCs for better health and keep them well and strong through child survival programs.


e)       Establish an income generating project by planting maize, horticultural products and dairy farming in order to address food security needs for the OVC


f)       To provide orphaned children with a loving home environment that will meet their physical, psychological and spiritual needs, allowing them to grow and develop to their full potential. To ensure that orphaned children receive an education while preparing them to live on their own.


g)      To provide orphaned children with a solid foundation in the Christian faith.


h)      To provide orphaned children with education on HIV/AIDS prevention and other health related issues.


  1. i)        To develop the community through employment and training opportunities. To operate in a financially accountable and sustainable manner

Project duration


Once we get the funds, we would like to make this a permanent model center in Transnzoia County by providing OVCs with productive life opportunities. We anticipate that the project shall commence soon as the Lord supplies funds. We thank you in advance for helping us buy land for Joy Center.

Sustainability strategies


The strategies proposed under this program to successfully start and run the center include:

  1. Getting a committed donor(s) with a passion for the betterment of the lives of the orphans and vulnerable children to donate funds and materials that will enable the project to take off
  2. Establishing the center and manage it to the standards required for the upbringing and rehabilitating the target groups.
  3. Requesting for funds from the government, local & international leaders and non-government organizations, individuals for the management and advancement of the center.
  4. Engaging in awareness and civil education lobbying and advocacy programs for the advancement of the right and welfare of the child.
  5. Starting a business-training program as part of the self-reliance skills training


Monitoring and evaluation


A comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system will be put in place to monitor and evaluate project activities. An approved accounting software/financial tracking system will be put in place to monitor cash flows, expenditures and purchases. For security and reliability, the software accounting database will be used and managed by the chief accountant. Income and expenses will be entered into the system and regular reconciliations will be done.




We expect to send quarterly operational reports on the project progress and a comprehensive report sent every after six months covering; financial status, project activities so that the participating donors can review how the donations given are used in accordance with the vision and mission of the centre. The same reports may be uploaded from our website by logging on Moreover, as part of the implementation process, planning and review meetings with center staff, selected beneficiaries and stakeholders will be frequently held.


The program will continuously document case studies on the project and show case best practices and lessons learnt during implementation. These stories will be shared among all stakeholders including the donor. The case studies will indicate areas of the entire program which can be scaled up here in Transnzoia and beyond in line with our vision and mission.



Program implementation timelines


The project is leveraging on the good will of the local churches, community and other donors. However, since we are overstretched resource wise, we urgently require funds to establish the center. We hope that our good Samaritans and donors out there can consider our appeal. Below are the tentative timelines of the project implementation. We are believing God that from next year 2018 to 2022, He will supply funds to purchase the facility. We wish to thanks everyone who has had time to read our proposal. Whichever way God touches you to help us either in raising funds, praying with us and sharing with people you know they can be of help we highly appreciate you.

Contact Information

Thank you for being part of what God is doing in the lives of these precious children, please feel free to contact Joy Center Children's Home.

If you would like to send us a bank cheque, send to: SARA GIBSON MINISTRY

Sara Gibson Ministry
P.O. Box 4404
Meridian, MS 39304


Email:[email protected]

You can also wire us your support directly to Joy Center Children’s Home: Our bank account using the details below:

BANK NAME             : Cooperative Bank of Kenya

BRANCH NAME      :  Kitale Branch, P.O. Box 1058 30200-KITALE


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01134269018100




We at Joy center are working with the Kitale community for positive impact, but to really impact a culture, we must reach the children. They are the youth of today, but more importantly, they are the leaders of tomorrow. Please join us, and together we will invest in our greatest resource; ‘our children’. Every life is significant, and no child deserves to be orphaned and alone. We teach what we know, but we reproduce who we are… let us work together in breaking the cycle of poverty for generations to come and giving them a meaningful life.

Christmas Gifts

Bring  joy to the orphans at Joy Center this coming Christmas season. Give a  Gift by choosing from our Gift Catalog below:

An African child celebrates Christmas with new clothes, shoes and a special meal. The children at Joy Center wish you a joyous Christmas and that as you celebrate with your family, please remember them so that they can celebrate like any other child.

Spread the love this Christmas; bless Joy Center children with a Christmas gift of new clothes and shoes $30 for each child.


Clothing provides shoes, dresses, uniforms, undergarments and more

                      FACILITIES RENOVATION

Facility renovation provides: improvements to the home,  we need to repaint the whole facility including the gate, replace the taps, broken windows and repair the electric fence.

Sporting Equipment Provides: shoes, uniforms, shin guards, balls, traveling expenses and more

Education Provides: books, bags, tuition fees, uniforms, backpacks and more.


Toys Provide: Not only a form of entertainment for the children, but for many of the younger children they are learning tools.


Provide just that! A Bible for a child to feed their spiritual hunger


Medical Provides: Unexpected medical costs, emergency funds, vaccinations, medicines, check-ups


Provide brushes, toothpaste, hair oil, sanitation, soaps and more.


Entertainment Provides: Television, DVD player, computers for learning. All forms of entertainment can also be used as additional learning tools.

...together we have come this far...

We thank God and all of you, Especially Mama Sara Gibson for enabling us purchase Joy Center van. It has eased transportation and management at the orphanage. God bless you in abundance.

THANK YOU for your support! Please continue to share our story and donate towards this noble cause.

The above children are  asking for your donation towards the purchase of of a van for Joy Center.

Thank you for making these children smile.